Modality 1: Crystal Chanelling & Therapy

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Crystals are the heavenly offerings of the mineral kingdom to humanity; the gifts of Mother Gaia to its beloved children. In this New Age, crystals solidify its major position in our daily life rapidly by playing special roles in granting guidance, meditation, healing and attunement with diverse energies.


1) Crystal Channelling

Retrieving clear messages from the mineral kingdom to support your healing and advancement.

As a Crystal Channeller, Tristen performs channelling with your crystal by retrieving its messages for your personal issues (i.e. confusions, blockages, obstacles). Connect to your crystals and get the know-how to foster the right consciousness and enhancements on your life path, i.e. romance, career, family, wealth etc.


2) Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy aims to create balance and wellness in your bodies of consciousness.

In a myriad of forms and colours, crystals are powerful transformational tools renowned for their congenital healing properties and vibrations – they harmonize the environment and all living beings. Thus, Crystal Therapy is done using their therapeutic energies to heal issues (e.g. deep grief and loss, unworthiness, guilt, low self-esteem, self-loathing, betrayal, OCD, impotency) in your chakra system and energy bodies. As conduits of healing — crystals allows positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out, thus enhancing the healing work by Tristen.

A typical session involves a channelling and deep healing with client sitting or lying down.




“Tristen is a truly gifted and extraordinary spiritual being. His channeling is so precise, detailed and direct.  Definitely not run of the mills psychic/ channeller.”

~ Jill Lum, South Malaysia Industries Berhad, Kuala Lumpur ~


"Fundamentally, one's Higher Self is all the guide and master a person needs, not an external "guru". However we humans having clouded this divine essence of ours so thickly that we can't see or hear or even feel, the guidance and whispers from our Higher Self. As such, an external spiritual guide in human form is much needed to assist to clear this cloudiness. Tristen Churn is one such guide, all the more so if the tool to discover your real YOU involves crystals. My session on crystal meditation and the healing session with Tristen were powerful sessions that facilitated beautiful experiences of release and re-charging. In a simple no frills and fancy manner, Tristen very simply and humbly channels messages that you need to know of and gently guides you through the process. By his very demeanor, Tristen teaches one the message of simplicity, that through simplicity, the power of one's Higher Self blazes through! Thank you Tristen."

~ Vasentha Sampasivam, Penang ~


Friendly Reminder: Please bring your crystals for consultation purpose.


Energy Exchange for private session:

RM 240.00 (1.5 hours session)
RM 320.00 (2 hours session)