Verbal Clearing - Coffee Chit Chat with Sheli

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The (Access Consciousness) Verbal Clearing process can be done separately over a lighthearted food & coffee chat (outside the center) at a nearby location of your choice. You may start off with sharing some issues in your life that needs change, and Sheli will ‘perceive’ and follow the energies to clear what requires to be released.

The clearings are powerful, potent and dynamic.

Who says healing & clearing has to be boring! Anything is possible!

Energy Exchange: RM 150 per hour


About Sheli

Sheli first chanced upon healing in year 2000 through personal development courses which led her to discover several healing modalities. This gave her a chance look deeper into things than what showed up on the surface. Sheli realized releasing old baggage that no longer served a person was the key to moving forward. She also understands owning the power of ‘choice’ makes one create possibilities and new realities in a person’s life. Since then Sheli has been sharing this realization by inspiring and empowering others around her.

Based on this Sheli has been passionately spreading her love and warmth to everyone she meets. Laughter is also part of the equation. ☺

Sheli has taken up several modalities amongst them 12 Strand DNA Restructuring & DNA Mapping, Awakening The Illuminated Heart, Spiritual Response Therapy, Isis Lotus Healing, Reference Point Therapy, Angel Light Transmission, Light Energy Weave, Angelic Reiki and many more. Access Bars is one of her personal favourites. Sheli also offers Intuitive Flow Healing guided by her gift of perceiving from the heart and hands on healing energy from her hands. Having spent over 14 years in broadcasting and communications; a professional emcee for corporate & national events, a voiceover artist, a certified coach as well as a trainer for corporate trainings, the leap into energy therapy has been an amazing and joyful experience for her. Sheli continues doing what she loves by following her bliss. Sheli is opened to more of life with ease, joy and glory the Universe has to offer!