Angelic Space Clearing For Home, Office Or Land

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Angelic Space Clearing is an advanced space clearing to clear any predecessor energies in your immediate living/working space on a very deep and complete level. It will then revitalize the entire space energies accordingly.

Every living or working space has an energetic left-over that over time may stagnate the flow of a person’s life. An Angelic Space Clearing will rid the old memories/emotions, predescessor imprints, entities and stagnant energies into the light of clarity, harmony, flow etc.

* Note: This is not a generic basic space clearig of using sage, bowls, aroma sprays, invocation or chants. Please read further...


Who And When should one require an Angelic Space Clearing?

Just about everyone. However, below are just a few guidelines for you:

• When you feel stuck or things start to slow down
• When you want to create balance, luck & succesful flow in your home or office
• When you are about to move into a new space – clearing predescessor energies of previous occupants.
• When you are trying to sell your house
• To support the manifestation of the life you want more easily and rapidly.
• After any traumatic events such as divorce, death or illness.

Angelic Space Clearing is tailored organically according to the needs of the premises and intentions of the owner.


How will the work be carried out?

Initial consultation will be made to understand your intention, needs and requirement.

The work is done in four parts, at which an agreeable fee is agreed upon in the process.


Four Part Clearing:

1- Preparation: Consultation begins with a detailed chat on your condition(s) and desired results. We also require your EXACT floor plan + actual pictures of your home/office/land or if required, a visit to your premise to perceive a sense of the energies as a whole to establish a clearer connection to your space.

2- Identification: Once we have established a connection, we will go through an identification process where we will source out the energy conditions, localize the chakras & elemental spots in your space + much more.

3- Clearing: At this point we will live audit your home/office and begin our clearing, healing and consecrating your space with very specific steps and ceremonies to create circuits for clearing out old toxic imprints, cancel out negative influential energies, harmonizing the chakras & elements, and create proper flow into the space.

4- Final Harmonizing: Once everything has been cleared and harmony is established we will then infuse and consecrate new fresh and vibrant energies into your space.

Follow Up – One week post clearing, we return to your space to follow up and check on the space’s harmonics.

Pre-requisite: “Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity” – Albert Einstein

The pre-requisite for Angelic Space Clearing for office or home is to have you CLUTTER CLEAR anything that no longer serves you. Clutter Clearing is an important aspect to allow us to take the Angelic Space Clearing into very high levels of efficiency!


A little more on Angelic Space Clearing:

Frequently Asked Question:

Should I choose to do Angelic Space Clearing for my home or the office or both at the same time?

Answer: Most people have a hard time prioritizing. In essence, we spread our ASC into 3 main categories. You can either focus on the home or both. It really depends on your own commitment to your self.


For your Home:

Home is the foundation of our energetic support on earth. When we say ‘home’ we mean the space you stay and live in the most ...... In Angelic Space Clearing, we emphasize on the harmonious flow of light in a person’s home to ensure proper foundation is set up so that you can:

• Rest, Revitalize and Rejuvenate well in your sleeping room
• Quickly and instantly regain your personal power of peaceful mind and heart
• Experience a beautiful harmonious flow in your home and source out the supportive spots to support your career & general wellbeing.
• many more on your home matters!


For Your Office:

An office is the expressions of your energy to the world that you interact with. A vibrant flow of energies in the office will automatically bring you the right choices, business deals and harmonious work relationships.

If you own a business and have an office, whether rented or your own, clearing out the predescessor imprints is important. For this, you will achieve:

• Clarity in your decision making
• Harmonized flow of your office
• Attract & pull in the right people, choices and energies for cooperation
• If your office is a spiritual, meditation or spa/yoga/healing center, please let us know because we can consecrate the space differently for holistic


For Your Land:

If you own a land or a bigger land piece (office or home), we extend our services to handle the energies of your land. By Healing the land, you gain much more support from the earth devas that you can incorperate into your daily living!


Do I need to renovate my space after Angelic Space Clearing Consultation?

No, you do not need to remodel and renovate your space as we only work with the energies of the immediate space.

However, if the need arises, we will incorporate some Crystals to support and strengthen the energies of the space.


What Angelic Space Clearing is Not?

  1. Angelic Space Clearing is not your traditional chinese feng shui methodology where calculations of direction is used like luo pan/compass to spot directions in the premises.
  2. Angelic Space Clearing is not your generic space clearing where one simply smudges, aroma spray, chant or gong crystal bowls/copper bowls. It works so much deeper and at a wholesome level.
  3. Though Angelic Space Clearing can clear trapped souls and guide them to the light, we DO NOT do haunted premises as our service.

Then What Is Angelic Space Clearing?

   ASC is a deep and powerful space clearing ceremony that clears out the predescessor gunk in your premises.


   ASC revitalizes your space energies and kick starts a new begining for you, your family and co-workers!


   ASC identifies the power spots in your space (say wealth spot or meditation spot) so that the energies can be activated and harnessed to its full potential,
   thus making it very beneficial for you!


   ASC heals your premises so that it regains its strength and can function at its optimal capacity to support your business or personal growth.


What Are The Fees Like?

Depending on the Size (Square Feet), Number of Rooms, Land and Energetic conditions of the space our fees vary on a case-by-case basis. We consult for landed properties of homes, offices, corporate buidlings, as well as high rise properties like condominiums and provide exclusive land healings too.

A general expectation of the fee you can expect starts from RM800.00 onwards. Kindly contact A New Earth for a non-obligatory quotation through one consultation.

TO BOOK THIS SPECIAL SPACE CLEARING, PLEASE CONTACT A NEW EARTH at 012.202.4770 or 03-28573400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Facilitator: Victor S. P. Lu

Victor is a spiritual teacher, coach and energician who works closely with the angels & archangels realms. Victor together with the Archangels, co-created, channeled & founded ‘Angelic Light Transmissions’ as a self empowering healing system that works with the 12 Archangels rays of light to guide individuals to heal, remember and live their life purpose.

Awakened to the energies of crystals in 1996, Victor was originally trained in Crystals Healing under Crystal Academy founder, Katrina Raphaell as a Crystal Healing Practitioner, a Phytobiophysics Flower Essences practitioner from the UK and later in 2005, Victor questioned what his next steps in life are that got him into the work of angelic realms. Here he "remembered" his life path calling as an Angelic Channel, Healer & Teacher.

Since then, the doors to celestial realms opened up for him as he began to learn, channel and deliver angels’ messages to others. Victor also teaches people to connect and work with the angelic healing energies in Malaysia and internationally in countries like Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Taiwan and the U.K. Victor is also a fully qualified Angel Intuitive™ Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue Ph D.

Adding to his list of credentials, Victor is also a professional Angelic Space Clearer specializing in Energy Feng Shui for homes, businesses and lands. In the past, Victor has performed Angelic Space Clearing to semi-D properties, healing centers, apartments, facial spa centers and many earth healing events.