Orange Blossom Activation

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What is Orange Blossom?

Orange Blossom is for Love, Romance, Sacred Sexuality, Purification and Joy. The Orange Blossom opens up the senses on a much deeper level and clears energy channels that have previously been blocked. For those who have experienced sexual trauma, the Orange Blossom Activation opens up pathways to healthy sexuality.

Orange Blossom activates spaces & places in our sexuality that we have forgotten and returns you to the sacredness of your own sexuality. This is a very deep purification on all levels. It also activates your co-creation and brings a greater co-creative relationship with cash.


One Hour Session RM350


Who should receive this activation?

  1. Men or women to start New Beginnings. (new life, new relationship, new ventures or business).
  2. Women or Men who have had hysterectomy / menopause / womb trauma / erectile dysfunction / premature ejaculation/ loss of sexual drive.
  3. To heal suppressed and repressed sexual energies.
  4. To let go past relationship residue and move on to the next with clarity & sacredness.
  5. To open yourselves to healthy and honoring relationships whilst maintaining balance with the ones you already have in the space of joy & love!


Advance booking is essential. 


Facilitator: Sheli Shahadan