LIGHTNING! Clearing Patterns In A Flash

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Break Patterns In A Flash!


Do you have recurring life patterns (runaway patterns, thought forms, anger, depression etc.) self sabotage, stress, OCD, addiction, suicide wishes or phobia that you want to break and put a stop to?

Like a flash of Lightning, a LIGHTNING session just does that. Quickly and easily. It is potent. LIGHTNING removes distorted energies & patterns from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies so that you regulate and be effective in your life.

Lightning has the element of surprise that is highly effective for bringing the essence of sudden change and awakening to any situation. When one is stuck in their life, or needs a huge push forward in the right direction, Lightning will come in to shake things up and interrupt patterning when you are on the verge of doing something that may cause you to veer off course. Lightning strongly breaks through patterning that does not serve, bringing a person back into alignment. Things happen “out of the blue”.


3  Session Package  RM 460. (Recommended to cover most patterns)

One Session RM180


Advanced Booking is essential.

Contact ANE to book your appointment date(s).



VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: (Please adhere)


NO METAL: Please do not wear any metal on your body (no metal jewelries, bra with underwires) on your body during the session. You can take them off for the session.

Dental mercury tooth fillings are ok. This session cannot be done on people wearing pacemakers or have metal plates/ balls inside any part of the body, wearing insulin pumps, IUD or pregnant ladies.

FASTING FOR 3 HOURS: No eating up to 3 hours upon receiving the healing. (drinking plain water is fine) so please have a nice meal before you come for your appointment! :)





An intuitive & healing visionary, Sheli assists many expand into deeper awareness and free expression of their radiant, truest Essence. Combining psychic, energy and healing skills, she helps peel layers of conditioning & programming to bring one back into the Heart transforming you to pure Presence & Empowerment. With over 20 years of experience in the field of spirituality combined with coaching, public speaking and corporate expertise, in the space of love, Sheli compassionately facilitates individuals reach your fullest potential.

Sheli teaches several energy healing modalities whilst empowering her students of their true magnificence.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a master of ceremonies, voice over talent and former TV news anchor with broad production background as producer, broadcast journalist & corporate communications. Her motto in life is to inspire and empower everyone she touches to be all that they can be.