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Remove life’s obstacles while you sleep

There are four areas in our lives where we face crisis after crisis:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Career,
  • Relationships

They appear when we are out of alignment with why we came here in this lifetime. Nothing appears to work and we encounter road-blocks.

That happens to all of us. Once we change our perceptions about what life is all about, then most things become crystal clear. Once we wake up to what is important, we lose our attachments. We don’t get stuck in endless dramas and we can move on to more experiences and adventures in consciousness.

Those adventures can be fun, highly creative and richly abundant in every aspect of our life. Or they can be downright painful. Ultimately our own perceptions that we grew up with, determine the outcome. Change your perceptions and you change your outcome!

In this session you will receive:

7 Weeks of Light Language Codes

Andrew listens to your life issues and then downloads a set of seven energy solutions customized for you specific needs. These geometric energies work on releasing issues from your subconscious during the sleep state. You will receive seven sets specifically for you to work with over seven weeks.

These light language codes work on your energy body while you sleep – pulling out energy blockages or negative thought-forms from your energy field or from your subconscious; past lives or early childhood trauma.

During the sleep state, you may encounter: healing crisis, spontaneous aromatherapy, conflict resolution of past life or early childhood issues in the dream state; dream information on how to go forward with your life; dreams in which guides or ancestors appear to heal or assist you.

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and more excited about life again. And begin to get ideas on how to move forward by taking responsibility for your life!


What happens after the seven weeks?

Even before the seven weeks, people wake up feeling more refreshed, energetic and optimistic.

Some people may get ideas and inspiration to do new things or reattempt old ideas that they have given up.

Ideas or thoughts will come on reading new books or material, meeting old friends and or making new connections. People may wake up with renewed determination to continue or finish projects or plans depending on the inspiration that they have received.


Energy Exchange:

First One Hr Session: RM300

Follow-up One Hr Session RM150



Andrew has worked with different modalities for the past fifteen years after leaving the world of advertising in the year 2000. Andrew has facilitated Reiki, Pranic Healing, Past Life Therapy, Energy Point Healing, Sound Healing, Kundalini Healing – and has evolved to a series of customised light language codes that help you resolve your issues while you sleep.