Clairvoyant Healing - Mogana Sunthari and Andrew Khor

Posted in Private Sessions (Resident Facilitators).

From 2 pm – 6 pm
One Hour RM300
1.5 Hours RM400

by Mogana Sunthari and Andrew Khor


Mogana is a naturally gifted clairvoyant who can see the human aura, chakras and life force of the human body. This means she can see the different layers of the holistic body – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and identify the blockages and issues interconnecting all of them.

In short she can connect the dots between past life issues, early childhood issues, relationship issues, money issues or career issues confronting the client and use her guided channels to bring understanding, awareness and resolution to the situation.

Mogana is a certified Reiki Healer and spontaneously channels pranic healing and messages from the after-life realms and works with the advice of different healing energies, masters and deities from different faiths and spiritual sources.

From this universal conduit of information, Mogana can assist people in identifying and resolving issues around:

• Life Purpose
• Career Choices
• Financial Issues
• Relationship Issues
• Health Issues
• Karmic and Past Life Issues
• Emotional Issues


Andrew Khor is a certified Reiki practitioner and facilitates workshops in Spontaneous Kundalini Rising, Attracting Abundance, DNA Activation and Ascension, Inner Peace Reiki, Male Female Balancing;

He also helps people to understand Ascension Symptoms that are occurring planetary-wide. For example Tinnitus – a high pitched sound in the ears is causing a lot of discomfort and doctors find it difficult to treat this problem.

Andrew also helps clients understand the mulit-dimensional nature of their beingness especially those who have gone down the rabbit hole and confront various multi-dimensional identities that are part and parcel of their awakening.

This is because the ancient races are coming back to our awareness as we raise our vibrations – examples – the angelic race, lion race, the bird race, the dragon and the serpent races. And they are part of us and we are part of them in our DNA soup. “The many are the one, the one expresses the many.”

Mogana and Andrew will work together to help you understand your issues and assist you in resolving them as we encourage you to take the responsibility of your larger identity once you are aware of the nature of your beingness.