“Spheromancy” with Aishah

Posted in Private Sessions (Resident Facilitators).

What is Spheromancy you say? This sexy-sounding term describes a method for seeing visions by means of gazing at a crystal ball.

A Crystal Ball catches light and reflects light …and therefore reflecting ‘what is’ for you! 

Crystal Ball reading has been used in various old traditions over centuries. The images seen with a crystal ball are images from deep within one’s subconscious mind, and the crystal ball is the door through which these subconscious thoughts are accessed.

When I scry the crystal ball for your reading, I may gaze in a trance-like state into the crystal ball to dissociate what is on the conscious level, enabling information from your subconscious to pass through my mind’s eye, where I then see the images and feel the messages that come through for you.

Come discover what these images mean to you, in your life right now. Have your questions ready.

Energy exchange : RM150. 45mins.

For a special combo session of Crystal Ball Reading and the Pot of Gold technique; you can ask for a half-hour of each of Crystal Ball Reading and the Pot of Gold (receiving one coloured rainbow frequency onto a chakra/area to assist in healing or the manifestation of a goal).

Energy exchange : RM222. 1-hour.




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Aishah has been under the tutelage of Mayan Curandero Master Teachers Starr Fuentes (23rd generation) and Selena Rodriguez (24th generation), who are based in the USA. She has been trained in Dimensional Mastery and Divine Intervention (DI) healing, Light language and many other modalities under the lineage.

She has always had the curiosity, affinity and interest in metaphysics. She offers her service in healing, co-creation and self-mastery. Her energy healing services include DI quantum healing, the Pot of Gold (healing & manifestation with Rainbow frequencies), Co-creative healing for Diabetes, DNA Clearing, Lightning (a powerful technique to bring a break-through) and Reiki, to name a few. She also works closely with the crystal kingdom and handcrafts crystal gemstone jewellery specially for her clients’ needs, to serve their health & aspirations. Additionally, you can ask Aishah for a personal crystal ball scrying/reading. In addition to this, Aishah can write you a personal Planetary Seal(s) to assist you in your growth. If you are curious and interested to awaken your gift of psychic sight, look out for Aishah’s Dimensions Workshop where you can learn to see auras, past lives and spirit guides.