Modality 3: Crystal Magick: Healing Ritual

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What is Crystal Magick? Crystal Magick is a sorcery system comprising of magic, rituals, ceremonies and ethics originating from teachings of the Gods and Goddesses from various cultural backgrounds. It is a unique and fun system focusing on the development and expansion of Oneness ideology based on the cultivation of positivity in people’s lives. 

When we address Crystal Magick, fundamentally it resonates with you from the beautiful and supportive elemental factors (namely Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to the high fling cosmic energies deriving from the Divine (Ether). It nurtures your strong sense of belonging to Mother Nature through the touch of herbs, flowers, crystals and various beautiful instruments from nature to impart its magic. By employing these natural ingredients, we are inviting and communing with the natural energies to cast rituals, particularly in your healing rituals.

All healing rituals aspire to discard negativities ranging from your 4-body system to karmic contracts, then heal and balance them back to the states of harmony and love with Divine energies. In a safe and grounded atmosphere overseen by the Divine Beings, we will perform the rituals with you for your highest good as our upmost guideline. Please be advised that for some sessions, you are required to obtain certain items e.g. flowers and crystals, for your own healing ritual.


Energy Exchange for private session:

RM 240.00 (1.5 hours session)

RM 320.00 (2 hours session)





Climaxing in Self Healings and Abilities - MAGIC

“My journey has been filled with magical moments facilitated by Tristen Churn that brought me drastic shifts in my life in the past 4 months. Taking an oath to practice only white light and of highest good and the highest truth, it’s only positivity that will work towards my self-diligence, in creating magic. I received self-satisfaction during my magic rituals, as I learnt to release and cut cords from my DNA system, enhancing my Psychic Powers by communicating with the Divine energies. During the workshop, we realized the magical powers of miracles taking place. This is a booster for those who have achieved 90% positivity in their belief system or for those who want to change in being an ultimate positive person. Magic happens for those who believe in miracles and changes in destiny.”

~ Cheryl Yee, Kuala Lumpur ~