Soul Pulling

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Soul Pulling : 

Reclaim All of You & Be Whole again


Reclaim All of You & Be Whole Again


Have you ever had a crisis or a traumatic event in which you felt a part of yourself went away?

Have you ever felt that your breath was stuck while you experienced a very fearful and traumatic event?

Parts of our soul split off from us through trauma, loss, drug use, an unexpected event or anaesthesia. 

Soul pulling is a special technique for bringing back parts of your soul that have been lost during traumatic experiences, an unexpected crisis/ event in this life and in previous lives. This healing technique will help you gain back parts of your soul, creates a new integration of your soul field, so you can be in your full light.

You will :

• Gain back pieces of your soul
• Gain back your energy
• Feel more whole & complete
• Be more grounded
• Have more abundance in your life
• Feel more energetic, joyful and bliss


This is a powerful in-person session that reunites with lost parts of your self and become more energized! It gives a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Energy Exchange: RM 260



"A very powerful experience in re-integrating parts of myself that I had denied and left unacknowledged. I was given clear insight into events that affected me and how they impacted the course of my life. On an energetic level, I am now feeling more whole & complete. Mentally and emotionally I have been given clarity and assistance in how to move forward." - Alex Rusnak, U.S.

"I had 3 Soul Pulling sessions with Sheli and Madeline and they were amazing. I feel great! I feel as if this positive Divine power has been awakened within me. I'm more alert and enjoy and appreciate the small things that I encounter on a day to day basis more than ever before. It was a great experience. I feel whole".  - D.R, U.S.A