Breath Magic with Ian Jin Yap

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-Available in Private & Group Sessions

Breath Magic helps people regulate psychic heaviness within their body, mind and spirit. The goal is to help them dump accumulated stress and heaviness that is preventing them from having clarity on how they want to live their lives. 

It is a breathing process that works with Spiritual Alchemy Principles. These principles pre-suppose that we are Spirit before Matter. If we can get your energy aligned, the mind, body and spirit follows. People often find themselves becoming younger in this process.


The Process

A session often begins with gratitude and intention setting. After spending a portion of time in counsel and on getting clear with the motivation behind the session. We begin the breathing process with prayer and clients are invited to lie down and breathe. The breath process invites the breather to put the emphasis on the inhale and to exhale like a quick sigh. It is a conscious-connected full diaphragmatic breathing. By entering into a session with curiosity and observation, you'll naturally begin the learning of tracking reoccurring patterns, beliefs, and behaviours that was contributing to create heaviness in life. After about 45minutes of breathing, we integrate gathering what we have learnt from the process as the breathing will leave clues on how to move forward.

The way you breathe is the way you live. How you do one thing reflects everything else, because it is the same brain & heart that are engaging those actions.

What you would take away:

  • How to heal yourself your body, mind and spirit through breathing
  • Build a relationship your Subconscious and Superconscious
  • Learn what archetypal forces you are engaged with in the moment
  • Tools & Stories you need to shape shift your life


Session Investment:

  • 1hr 15 minutes-RM150, 2hours- RM250


Advance booking is essential. Kindly book ahead.

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About Ian Jin Yap

Ian Jin Yap is a guide, storyteller and facilitator who work with clients who experience anxiety and want to move on from difficult life challenges. He helps his clients believe in themselves and find answers so that they can feel hopeful again, at peace and happy. When he is not working with clients, he studies folklore and herbal healing traditions.