COLOUR PREMA: Reveal Your True Colours - Victor Lu

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We all know that Colours uplift our moods and reveal our personalities but what’s more than that?

Colour is also trustworthy. It will always be truthful and will only Mirror back what are the things that held within, the "Stuff" that you need to Acknowledge before any change in life can happen. Are You Ready to Explore?

Colour Prema© trust that Colours are not just the language of our subconscious, but also the healing catalyst that can cleanse away our old repetitive stories and it further acts as the bridge into our Akasha~Soulful Potentials.

During a Colour Prema Consultation, you will sit in front of our beautiful vast array of 67 Colour Prema © Bottles to reveal your Colour-Stories. Bear in mind that each colour and combination holds specific stories that will reveal your conscious, subconscious and soul potentials, Thus, the choice of your chosen colours will reflect your soul needs.


From the Colour Prema Consultation point of view, you will explore your:

  • Soul Mission and Purpose
  • Gifts, Talents and hidden blocks
  • Your Current Energetic Patterning
  • Q & A that addresses and explores your concern

After the consultation, you will work with 1 or 2 of your chosen bottles to be rubbed on certain key areas/chakras in the body or soaked in the bath for greater support and integration.


How does Colour Prema Bottle works?

Bear in mind that each Colour Prema Harmony bottle carries the physical content of essential oils, Highly refined frequencies energized from the Crystals, Flowers/Trees, Solar and Angelic energies that will stimulate resonant vibrations into your Cells, Auras-Chakras and Subtle Bodies.

Thus, deepest transformation may occur on many levels for your own highest good! No more giving your power away, all but own it to yourself and allow the Color Harmonics to help you pave the way for your wholesome wellbeing.

Energy Exchange: RM380.00 for 40min-1hr session

*Bottles are sold separately.



Practitioner: Victor Lu


Manael Victor is an International Healer, Teacher & Founder of Archangels Advanced Healing Art where he guides individuals to work with their guardian angels’ and archangels’ healing rays of light to become self empowered. He is also the creator of Colour Prema - colour energy system of 67 colours that speaks of your soul!

Victor is one of the first in Malaysia to offer bi-lingual classes on Angelic Healing in  English and Chinese since year 2005 nationwide, and travelled extensvely internationally to conduct trainings in lmeria-Spain, Brussels-Belgium, Taipei-Taiwan, Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

His clear insights, experienced in teaching across various countries and personal integrity has allowed him to understand the nature of spiritual growth in a holistic, practical and refined manner. And this is reflected through his private mentoring and workshop training successfully around the world. In his Colour Prema sessions Victor guides you to look into aspects of yourself and skillfully guides you to revealing your soul potential.


Prema Colour Consultation will give you wonderful insights!

Advanced booking is required. Contact A New Earth 0197779042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!