Private Healing Sessions (5 Types) with Zeo Sheehan, 11-15 April

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with Zeo Sheehan
11 - 15 April 2018
@ A New Earth

Session Times: Between 11 am - 8 pm 
(last appointment at 6 or 7pm)


Kindly book early to secure your slots.
Please clearly state your chosen session. 
Person to contact, Sheli 0197779042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Session 1: 
♥ Channeled AKASHIC RECORD READING (60min.)
This is a powerful session, it includes both channeled guidance from one enlightened being/energy specific to your soul's current growth and connecting to your soul's Akashic records/memories to release any experiences which are limiting you most in your preset life situation. Very much down to the point and directly addressing the biggest challenges a session offers the opportunity to gain perspective and move on with more clarity, positivity and joy. 
Receive helpful keys for your journey and go straight to the core to release what is blocking you from going forward in life, experiencing peace and harmony and empowering yourself to the next level!


- Undo ancient agreements you made in other lifetimes and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs
- Accelerate your path with joy, ease and grace by releasing the deepest limitations on a core-level (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)
- Reclaim specific soul gifts that you may have closed down in other lifetimes
- Live your life purpose on earth by understanding, activating and using your gifts fully within your life, without fear (from the past)
- Receive simple yet powerful keys specific to your issues to permanently transform old patterns

RM 620 

What does an Akashic Reading involve?
1. A brief meditation to calm the mind of the client and open the Aura to receive deeper healing (~5min.)
2. The channeled higher consciousness/being introduces itself and usually begins with that which is most important at the current stage of the clients growth. 
3. Further channeled guidance from spirit allows for a deeper understanding of current challenges and recommendations to master these with more grace.
4. Client questions are answered to provide a higher understanding and/or perspective and if appropriate specific pointers on the unique concerns/queries.
5. Elaborating on 1 past life time experience to shed light on what decisions were made, what beliefs were formulated and what limiting dynamics were set in motion.. in order for the client to become conscious of this, understand the cause, forgive, let go and make a new choice... this is initiated through a consciously made statement of release by the client to uncreate what at a previous moment was created (set in motion).
6. Spirit completes with a final blessing to accelerate the healing process for the client (during the reading, healing energies are continuously provided)..
This session is ultimately an offering of Grace, for a soul to dissolve core-experiences that otherwise re-create the same repetitive dynamics, struggles/difficulties and resulting disempowerment or in their life.. 
(Please bring along a recording device to your session if possible, Zeo does offer a backup recording but without any guarantees)

Session 2: 
♥ SOUL PATH CLEARING (90min.) = Akashic Reading + 30min. of accelerated healing

Receive the awakening of something new and a clearing that will support your true path and holistic experience of life to unfold with more grace. 
Essentially the Soul Path clearing is the same as the Akashic reading, but additionally, you receive an additional 30 min. of profound channeled crystal-sound clearing through the chakras and all dimensions of the heart. This facilitates a deeper connection to your joyful nature and higher self for more of your essence to merge with you and prepares the etheric/physical body for a higher level of frequency.. so the healing that happens during the reading is deepened and the new energies/blueprints/gifts of one's soul are anchored into the physical dimension at an accelerated rate.. so less integration is required.. soul path and purpose open faster as a result.. (great for people with busy-busy lives..)

- Extended healing session, incorporates hands-on channeling to clear the heart and prepare the physical body to a higher level of frequency (as well as an initial Akashic Record Reading)
- Anchoring of new energies with the use of crystals & crystal sound
- Supports immediate integration of new gifts and manifestation of true soul path/purpose
- Results in increased clarity, purpose, joy and harmony in all aspects of your life

(Please bring along a recording device to your session if possible, I do provide a backup recording but without any guarantees..)

RM 825 

Session 3: 

This session offers a powerful shift in your personal (and love) relationships towards more harmony, peace and even greater love, intimacy, trust and divine union.
It incorporates healing of a core-blockage in the heart and deep resolution/clearing of inner feminine and masculine aspects of your own consciousness. Assisting your inner feminine and masculine energies to let go of deep-seated wounds, agreements and beliefs immediately reflects in your relationship(s) in your outer, physical reality. One of the most direct ways to move forwards in your love relationship or to attract an appropriate one into your life!

- Receive a powerful clearing for your heart chakra that allows you to feel and receive more love in your life
- Akashic Clearing for your inner masculine and feminine energies or aspects of consciousness
- Release dynamics coming from your feminine or masculine ‘core wound’ (story or belief) that create difficulties in your personal relationships
- Forgive past hurts or disappointments, and surrender old beliefs and emotions that may block your soul connection in relationship
- Release attachments to concepts or ideals that may block relationships from being experienced from a place of true peace or happiness, through the breaking of ancient agreements

(Please bring along a recording device to your session if possible, if not available I can provide a low-quality recording for a small fee..)

RM 620 


Session 4: 

Receive guidance and information to move you through current and future life challenges from the most direct and highest perspective - the enlightened realm of consciousness. Open to conversation, question and answer style, through the powerful and accurate channel and medium of Zeo Sheehan. 

Benefit from:
- Understanding the current life cycle you are now in, karmic influences and how to most effectively and gracefully accelerate through this.
- Receive inspired coaching to unfold your highest reality.
- Become empowered through the knowledge and wisdom of higher consciousness to clear limiting beliefs and programming.

This session offers you the chance to receive direct guidance, tips, processes, wisdom and insights for your personal intention or goal. Go from point A to point B with the maximum amount of grace and overcome any and all obstacles in the way! Prerequisite is to reflect on what your ideal point B is and to bring this to the session along with your questions.
Allow Zeo to be the channel for you to have an open conversation with an enlightened master (ascended consciousness) that holds unconditional love for all humans equally and can assist you from a higher perspective.

- Receive the most inspired coaching to create your perfect reality! 
- Enlightened being provides an overview of your current growth cycle, karmic situation and how you can be most effective to move through this 
- Open to another perspective that allows you to feel at peace and empowered in the now
- Series of 3 sessions over 3 month highly recommended for maximum empowerment of your physical life
- Assistance for clearing of the deepest limitations through your Akashic field
- Regenerate and build your auric field/chakras with direct assistance of the 'master coach' to move beyond your present beliefs and limiting thoughts

RM 620 

Session 5 (on Request): 
♥ FREEDOM FOR YOUR SOUL (90-100min.)

Clearing of energy-pathways in the physical body and simultaneously on various levels of your multi-dimensional being (energy-body). This session focuses on lifting deep seated anger and grief that has accumulated through genetic imprints and lifetimes of painful experiences of struggle. This accumulated heavy energy can affect your physical body with small and large pains and cause emotional challenges that all seem unrelated to your current life experience here on the Earth.

If grief and anger or depressed emotional moods affect you on a re-ocurring basis,, this session can bring about powerful healing.

- Assists a soul to let go of unconscious memories of pain & suffering that manifest as pain in the physical body
- Create a new reality for yourself filled with Joy!
- Channeling of clear crystal sound and resonant tones throughout the session
- Hands-on healing to clear and upgrade the physical body to a higher level of frequency
- Lifting of blocked energies that currently manifest as pain in your body
- Deep and graceful cellular clearing, uplifting and lightening of the physical experience

RM 1,125 

Private Sessions are held at A New Earth
11 - 15 April 2018
​Venue: 119 Jalan BU 2/2 Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.



"The Seven Rays of Source"
​Workshop by Zeo​

14 April 2018 (Saturday) at 2pm-6pm

Learn about fundamental cosmic energies that can lift your vibration, accelerate your personal evolution and enhance clarity and wellbeing. Workshop includes a teaching, a powerful channeled transmission of one of the rays plus a Q+A about the 7 rays of Source and how we can more efficiently make use of them in our daily spiritual practise and general awareness. Work with the 7 rays of source to accelerate your evolution and bring greater balance and grace into your life through a simple application of powerful cosmic forces. Use the tools that the Ascended Masters offer and used themselves to achieve mastery on the earth. In this workshop you are provided with a summary of the primary 7 rays to understand them and begin to use them in your daily life immediately.

​your attendance ​
with ANE: 0197779042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
​Venue: Bandar Utama​