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5 MAY 2018

You are invited to participate in a rare opportunity to experience a healing sacred Cacao Ceremony in Malaysia with medical anthropologist, author, healer and shamanic facilitator, Robert Thé.

A Cacao Ceremony is a space where we can connect and commune not just with the physical aspect of chocolate, but also the very essence of Cacao, its feminine energy and the intelligent wisdom and spirit of the plant.

Participants often report many physical, mental and spiritual benefits such as:

* Profound openings of the heart
* Deep emotional and physical rebalancing and centering 
* Transformative insights and spiritual healings
* An enhanced ability to let go of repetitive thought patterns and anxieties
* Deep re-connection to the present moment and internal stillness 
* A sense of bliss and wholeness.
* An expanding sense of gratitude and a beautiful initiation and connection to the world of plant spirit wisdom

- All of which often continue for long after the ceremony, as the benefits integrate themselves into our daily life. 

There are a huge range of profound responses, learning and healings available for those willing to experience its gifts. 

(** Bring your drums, didgeridoo, rattles, singing bowl etc. to participate in the group sacred sound circle led by Robert at closing end of ceremony).

Date: 5 MAY, 2018 (Sat)
Time: 7 pm – 10.30 pm

119 Jalan BU 2/2 Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

(This is our temporary venue while waiting for the big move).


Booking: Places are limited (it gets filled up quickly), so kindly make early payment to avoid disappointment.


019-7779042 (Sheli)
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Venue: Bandar Utama

Investment: RM270
Via bank transfer to confirm your seat.
(First come first served).

Account number:
CIMB: 800-1543-526
Beneficiary: A New Earth Holistic Center
Send proof by email: *EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL* (DO NOT whatsapp!)

EMAIL proof of transaction slip to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
State your full name(s) in your EMAIL. We keep track of your payments this way, as it an efficient way to manage recorded payments. ♥
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Robert Thé.

“ Following last year's successful visit, I shall be returning to Malaysia to continue with the people who did amazing healing and transformational work, and to deepen their connection to the Amazonian tradition.

I look forward to meeting you in May 2018.”


*Practical info: please note that due to high demand & limited number of participants for the Cacao ceremony, we would like to make sure that you make your payment to reserve your spot.


Introduction, opening the space for healing and greeting, setting intentions, drinking of the ceremonial Cacao, silence and communing with the Spirit of Cacao, deep personal reflection, presence practice, personal sound healing, additional healing practices, musical sharing, group reflection and integration, and closing ceremonial space. 

What to bring:

A shawl to keep you warm
A yoga mat
Cushion and pillow
Comfortable clothes
A bottle of water
A pen, colored pencils (optional) paper to write or sketch
A musical instrument to share (at end)



Q: Why participate in a Cacao Ceremony?

A: When we participate in a Cacao Ceremony we are not only working with the physical aspects of Cacao, but also its native intelligence as a medicine for the spirit, which can heal us at the most profound spiritual levels.

Indigenous cultures within Central and South America have long understood that the highest form of plant medicines is a plant's intelligence, and this is an intelligence that can communicate directly with humans and gently teach us once taken into the body.

Cacao can work by helping us to release old stories or patterns that no longer serve us, or perhaps are operating deeply within our unconscious without our awareness.

We can begin to experience profound emotional and spiritual healings since Cacao is the foremost spirit medicine for the heart, encouraging love and forgiveness to enter and radiate through us at ever deeper levels, allowing healing and transformation to occur.

Furthermore, it can connect us to unknown aspects of ourselves, and establish a profound awareness and respect for the gifts and miracles of the Natural world, allowing us to live better with grace and flow.

For more on Plant Spirit Medicine, please follow this link. 

Q What are its physical and mental benefits?


Cacao contains Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium which contribute to improved blood flow to the heart and brain while also lowering blood pressure, leading to better cardiovascular health, less stress and more vibrancy!

Cacao contains Theobromine, which boosts energy levels and relieves fatigue. Cacao also contains the highest amount of Antioxidants along with a significant amount of Chromium, which balances blood sugar levels and helps the body’s cells resist damage by free radicals preventing unneccessary degeneration.


Increased blood flow to the brain creates more mental sharpness, agility, awareness and focus.

Cacao acts as a powerful natural anti-depressants by reducing physical and emotional stress and creating a positive chemistry in the brain. Its high Valeric Acid content blocks the stress hormones, while triggering the release of Dopamine and the endorphin Phenylethylamine, both of which are known as ‘bliss chemicals’

It also contains the essential amino acid Tryptophan, which increases production of Seratonin, an important brain chemical that helps us remain positive and happy.

Q: Isn't this just like drinking hot chocolate?

A: Commercial hot chocolate is made from Cacao beans which are usually low grade. These have been subjected to high temperature industrial roasting and further machine processing to turn them into Cocoa powder, which means that a lot of the essential elements native to the Cacao bean are lost. You get an enjoyable drink, true - but if it was a car it would be the equivalent of a second-hand Lada.

A Cacao ceremony only uses the highest grade organic Cacao beans from small holdings in South America which have been minimally processed at very low temperatures to produce a paste not a powder, and keep all the essential nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants and neuro-transmitters intact, which not only makes it a world class superfood, but also an extraordinary medicine for the soul. 

As part of the preparation for Cacao ceremony, various potent and healing herbs and superfoods are added to create an elixir of great transformative power and depth. 

Even the manner of combination, preparation and connection with the intelligence of Cacao involves deep mindfulness and drawing on the expert shamanic knowledge and experience of the facilitator to maximise the effect of Cacao within a prepared and sacred ceremonial space.

If the raw organic Cacao beans were a car - it would be a top-of-the-range Mercedes being personally delivered to your front door, ready for you to drive. Now just sit back, smell the leather and imagine where you would go.... 

Q: Is this a hallucinatory experience? 

A : Cacao is not known as a visionary plant. That is not to say that in ceremony the plant won't communicate through visions and pictures, but visions do not predominate. Rather, it is a deep felt body experience, connecting us to our hearts and to our transcendent beauty and beingness. 

Q: Who is leading the ceremony?

A: Robert Thé 

* Medical Anthropologist with fieldwork experience in Africa working for the World Health Organisation - W.H.O. 
* Co-founder of Stressbusters UK. The UK's premier on-site corporate massage company.
* Author of Virgin Publishing's ‘Five Minute Series’ published in 8 languages.
* 10 years’ experience working with the Amazonian and other shamanic healing traditions across the world. 
* International Cacao practitioner with ceremonies held in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Q: Is there anyone this is not suitable for?

Except for the condition, below a Cacao Ceremony is safe for all to participate in. 

Note: If you are on anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, using St. John's Wort or any natural supplement containing 5HTP (check the label), it is not advisable to participate because the combination of raw cacao and such substances could be harmful. 


"For the last few years i've been reading a lot about the natural healing qualities of raw cacao and my experience with Robert guiding the Cacao ceremony brought new levels of meaning to my life and transformation. 

I met Robert when he came to South Africa to hold healing retreats in Feb 2017. In the Cacao ceremony we were invited to drink the Cacao in 2 stages with about 20 min in between. After only a few minutes into the first part I could feel my heart chakra opening up,and I became aware of the expansiveness of my entire being. In that moment I experienced intense love, bliss and inner stillness - and in a way I've never done before. It was only then that I realized how disconnected I had been from my body. 

I can only describe it as the deepest experience of my core self or essence that I have ever had. 

I realized also that for a long time in my life I have felt like I had "lost" my true self, a self of original innocence...And then came the communion that joined all in unity and wholeness. I drank the last part and closed my eyes again. Robert came over and did sound healing work using the Tibetan singing bowls on my body. The effect of the vibration shifted things within me in ways I can not explain. I found myself crying at the realizations that came up for me. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I started laughing - so much so that the tears were running down my cheeks. There was a deep connection with the playfulness and joy of my inner child...as I remember of my childhood days. 

Cacao...what an amazing experience. A journey I will always recommend if asked. Namasté, Robert." – Doreen Krause, South Africa

The cacao ceremony was simply divine. From the preparation rituals, to us finally getting to drink the thick, rich elixir in two phases which produced a deep sense of relaxation and peace in my body. This was followed by individual attention from Robert ~ working his magic through sound instruments ~ causing energy to flow in waves throughout my body as I entered into a deep state of bliss - a beautiful sweet end to a spiritual weekend. -- Muriel Siddle, South Africa

Like many people I really wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about the use of Cacao in ceremony.

Up until then I had experienced several Plant Spirit ceremonies, some of which were quite intense and profoundly life changing, so I relished the opportunity to explore another. What i found in the Cacao ceremony shared and guided by Robert was a gentle yet powerful heart-opening medicine with an abundance of teachings for all of us. Combined with meditation and the soft sounds of indigenous musical instruments, I experienced some difficult old emotions gently rising to the surface for validation and healing, and was able to connect with them in a much more loving way than I had ever been capable of in the past.

This really is life-changing stuff!

Cacao is a magical, compassionate and deeply restorative elixir, and with Robert holding sacred space, one that allows you to expand, break out of old paradigms and deepen your connection to your heart. I am deeply grateful for the experience and highly recommend it to anyone seeking expansion out of the old self. -- Sam Pleitgen, Hong Kong, April 3rd, 2017

For more testimonials about the Cacao Ceremony experience, please follow this link: 



Robert Thé
Originally from London, Don Roberto is a Medical Anthropologist and Shamanic Facilitator.

As a Medical Anthropologist I have undertaken fieldwork in Tanzania on behalf of the London School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene as part of an ongoing World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) project to prevent the spread of Trachoma, an eye disease endemic to the region. In 2008 my research interests changed when I encountered the tradition of Amazonian Shamanism in the form of plant spirit teachers, a form of healing unknown to me at the time. I began to research this tradition with great intensity studying the Mestizo tradition of Don Solon Tello via Maria Christina Mendoza, as well as studying the Shipibo tribal tradition with Doña Herlinda Agustín (the subject of the documentary, Woven Songs of the Amazon) in Pulcallpa, Peru.

My studies continued in the Amazon with the Ayahuasca Foundation and Don Enrique Lopez in Iquitos, Peru, deepening my knowledge of the Shipibo tradition. In 2013 I further deepened my experience of the Shipibo medicinal tradition with another three month stay in Peru, where I extended my shamanic studies with master shaman, Don Antonio Vasquez, and in 2015 completed a three month intensive training with noted healers, Herbert Quinteros, Metsa Oka, Don Walter and Don DIomar Silvano. I now return to the Amazon every year to undergo further training and communion with the Master Plant teachers.

In 2014 I was featured in the documentary filmed in the Amazon called Mirror of the Spirit directed by visual anthropologist, Joao Meirinhos, which examined indigenous medical practitioners and western commentators, which was screened at various conferences and festivals, and have also been interviewed about my experiences as a facilitator for a podcast and German broadsheet newspaper, Berliner Zeitung. My work has expanded rapidly over the past three years as people hungry for information about Plant Spirit Medicine seek out opportunities to learn and experience the tradition.

Don Roberto is in great demand as a knowledgeable presenter as well as a shamanic practitioner, specialising in private Soul Retrieval sessions and Healing Cacao ceremonies. 

He has given presentations and workshops on shamanism and the Amazonian healing tradition, celebrating the power and wisdom of the Medicine in locations as varied as China, Macedonia, Spain, the Middle East and South Africa, He also holds healing ceremonies around the world, nurturing and building communities.


Don Roberto will also be:
♥ Offering one-on-one Soul Retrieval and Extraction sessions in Malaysia for 3 days only (limited spots. 3 slots per day). 
4, 5, 6 May 2018
*If you are interested, kindly book ahead to secure your slot. Advance booking is essential as slots are limited to three per day. (12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm)

(Refer to www.anewearth.com.my for description)

Bandar Utama, P.J

♥ Giving a Talk on the evening of Friday, 4th May: "The Adventures of An Anthropologist & Shaman” by Don Roberto at 7.30 pm at Bandar Utama, A New Earth.

(refer to www.anewearth.com.my)