Claiming Honouring Relationships That Honour & Nourish Your Soul: A Mini Clearing SVH Seminar by Sheli

From October 14, 2017 3:00 pm until October 14, 2017 5:30 pm
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Have you been put in a situation where you where dishonoured in a relationship?

Were you disrespected, cheated on, given no room to grow or breathe, lied to, accused of, yelled at, been put down, abused and sidelined ? Are you the one who is always 'used' by people for your kindness? Are you the friend who seem to be attracting friends that maliciously compete with you behind your back? Do you always attract bad relationships, colleagues, suppliers, bosses, ..... in short, less than ideal relationships?

Is this a recurring pattern in your life?

What do you want?

  • Relationships that honour & respect you - your talents, gifts, inner beauty, kindness, heart and wisdom.
  • Relationships that value & celebrate you as a person that contributes to a positive dynamic.
  • Attract honouring relationships, contacts, job, boss, colleagues, family members, friendships, social circle and partners.
  • A fulfilled heart with uplifting circle of people around you.

When you do not have to negotiate your sense of integrity, self worth and energy you become  a clear & happy channel of positivity who can focus on creating the ideal scenarios for your life. When you have strong and clear boundaries you honour your self first and foremost, instead of putting yourself last.

This is a clearing afternoon where we release all seeds, anchors & foundations that have been sponsoring our 'attraction' to dishonouring relationships in our lives. Using Quantum Level  Re-Programming and Auto Clustering Sequence the facilitator holding space will reformat & re-script to the highest ideal whilst clearing the line from womb & seed right through the life.

In this group clearing, we will clear karma, contracts & covenants, curses, oaths, vows, genetic & soul lineage and embedded programming patterns of attracting negativity, low self value, servitude, mental recrimination and judgment that has plagued your life. Using SVH tools we will be releasing the old paradigm to anchor new matrix of encodements and enhancements to uplift, where you will watch your own transformation in the next hours and beyond.  From this day forward attract HONOURING RELATIONSHIPS THAT WORK FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD.

This is a deep clearing afternoon.

Come with an open heart intention of releasing what does not serve you.


Date: 14 Oct 2017 (Sat)
Time: 3 pm - 5.30 pm

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