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4 - 6 May 2018



Hello, everyone. I shall be in Kuala Lumpur in May and will be offering private Soul Retrieval sessions.

Soul Retrieval can be a very powerful transformational process, and it's not often that a chance emerges to *experience this work. Please read the text below for full information.

Spaces will be limited to three people per day.

Cost per session RM 300




An important aspect of shamanic healing work across the globe is the work a shaman performs on behalf of a patient to retrieve part of their spirit.

I first came across this when I studied with David Grove in 1987. David was a phenomenal healer from New Zealand who worked with a client's language and metaphors to allow them to enter and explore their internal landscape. Using very simple, minimal questions to expand on the information a client would present, David discovered that language was a powerful gateway to entering a client's personal universe. Here were contained the deepest memories, often encoded in strange and striking ways, which often had a life of their own, seeking wholeness.

What David discovered was that very often when a child had gone through a traumatic experience, they would disassociate in an instant as a way of surviving the experience, because often the experience was beyond their capacity to cope. What would happen is that part of the consciousness of the child would split off from the main sense of self and often hide in order to hide from the experience and to protect themselves. Sometimes one or even several fragments of their conscious self would hide in the curtains of a room, or perhaps in a carpet, or even the warp and weft of a wooden table. 

Time would pass and the shocking moment would fade into being one moment of many in the past, the individual would grow up and perhaps even forget the details of what had happened one split second long ago, unaware that they had even somehow disassociated. However, at a deep level they would often report feeling uneasy, that ever since a while back, they sometimes felt different, not quite themselves, not totally present, perhaps not fully in their body, and the truth is - as David had shown me - they couldn't be fully whole because parts of them were somehow marooned in time and space.

And so what he would do is to go back to that time, to that space, and help the client to find the different stranded pieces and to help introduce them to the main consciousness that had managed to survive and grew up a survivor, but a wounded survivor. Once they had the various pieces and could integrate them back into themselves, he discovered a whole cascade of wellness then emerged.

I didn't know it at the time because the presentations I saw were conducted as psychotherapy, but what David was doing was classic shamanic Soul Retrieval, albeit in a modern form, offering clients the opportunity to allow parts of their consciousness lost in time and space to come back to them. 

Later on I trained formally in Soul Retrieval and discovered that most people I worked with had - at some point in their lives - experienced some form of intense disappointment, shock, trauma or even an accident, which had impacted them enormously, been too much psychically, causing a part of them to suddenly disengage with sad consequences for the person's spiritual wholeness.

Classic shamanic soul retrieval involves the shamanic practitioner journeying on the behalf of the client, going into a shamanic state of consciousness and then working together with his or her power animals in order to find the missing soul parts, and to then invite them to come back across time and space. Sometimes there can be several parts that want to come back and be integrated.

Often clients report feeling more grounded, happier, productive, present, vibrant, and experiencing a whole raft of full spectrum feelings return after many years away,. leading to a boost in motivation and general mojo levels and a deep excitement to engage with life once again - often states and qualities they hadn't fully felt for years.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval can be an event of great joy and integration for the person experiencing it, and I am happy to announce that I will be holding a limited number of sessions while I am in Kuala Lumpur.

Sessions take up to an hour.

I look forward to meeting you.






In Kuala Lumpur


4 - 6 MAY 2018


(Limited spots: Only 3 spots available per day) – Book early to secure your slot. First-to-confirm basis.

RM 300



Advance booking is essential.

Contact A New Earth: 0197779042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


* Please note No-Shows will be charged full fees.

* Kindly bring cash payment.



VENUE: A NEW EARTH Holistic & Metaphysical Center

Plaza Damas M-3-8

Jalan Sri Hartamas 1

Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur


Shamanic Facilitator.

Don Roberto:


Originally from London, Don Roberto is a Medical Anthropologist and Shamanic Facilitator.

As a Medical Anthropologist I have undertaken fieldwork in Tanzania on behalf of the London School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene as part of an ongoing World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) project to prevent the spread of Trachoma, an eye disease endemic to the region. In 2008 my research interests changed when I encountered the tradition of Amazonian Shamanism in the form of plant spirit teachers, a form of healing unknown to me at the time. I began to research this tradition with great intensity studying the Mestizo tradition of Don Solon Tello via Maria Christina Mendoza, as well as studying the Shipibo tribal tradition with Doña Herlinda Agustín (the subject of the documentary, Woven Songs of the Amazon) in Pulcallpa, Peru.

My studies continued and I spent three months' of continuous training in the Amazon with the Ayahuasca Foundation and Don Enrique Lopez in Iquitos, Peru, deepening my knowledge of the Shipibo tradition. In 2013 I further deepened my experience of the Shipibo medicinal tradition with another three month stay in Peru, where I extended my shamanic studies with master shaman, Don Antonio Vasquez, and in 2015 completed a three month intensive training with noted healers, Herbert Quinteros, Metsa Oka, Don Walter and Don DIomar Silvano. I now return to the Amazon every year to undergo further training and communion with the Master Plant teachers.

In 2014 I was featured in the documentary filmed in the Amazon called Mirror of the Spirit directed by visual anthropologist, Joao Meirinhos, which examined indigenous medical practitioners and western commentators, which was screened at various conferences and festivals, and have also been interviewed about my experiences as a facilitator for a podcast and German broadsheet newspaper, Berliner Zeitung.

My work has expanded rapidly over the past three years as people hungry for information about Plant Spirit Medicine seek out opportunities to learn and experience the tradition.

Don Roberto is in great demand as a knowledgeable presenter as well as a shamanic practitioner, specialising in private Soul Retrieval sessions and Healing Cacao ceremonies.

He has given presentations and workshops on shamanism and the Amazonian healing tradition, celebrating the power and wisdom of the Medicine in locations as varied as China, Macedonia, Spain, the Middle East and South Africa, He also holds healing ceremonies around the world, nurturing and building communities, and also leads yearly summer retreats in Andalucia, Spain and organises winter retreats in Peru..

He has also undertaken training in Core Shamanism – drum based shamanism with Howard Charing and is currently in ongoing advanced training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies under the guidance of Asia Director, Kevin Turner, author of Sky Shamans of Mongolia, focusing on negative energy extraction, soul retrieval and shamanic dreamwork.


Personal Statement:


“For me, the Amazonian tradition represents a powerful and effective approach to healing, working with aspects of medicinal plants hitherto overlooked in the Western bio-medical tradition, and which could serve as an important adjunct to all those interested in the healing arts and in personal development. At its heart, shamanic healing is really about the healing of the spirit. With love and patience and a little know-how, the spirit can be brought back into a place of balance, wholeness and wellbeing. It is a great honour to be able to share the benefits and wisdom of this tradition with those who are ready and able to receive it and incorporate the healing and teachings into their own lives.”