Family Constellation with Jaclyn Bain

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In every energy healing session with Jaclyn, she works with you to determine any clearing available in the moment, for the purpose of immediate relief and lasting change. She specialises as a Reiki Master Practitioner and Family Constellation Facilitator but works with a variety of modalities practiced over the last 11 years, offering you anything and everything available that would be optimally beneficial within a single session, whether as a group or one-to-one. 


Why Clear?


Energetic blocks can stop us from experiencing the full enjoyment of our lives, optimal relationships, health and full expression of ourselves. These blocks can be present at any level of being - in our physical, mental or emotional bodies, or traced back to our lineage and beyond. Through energy healing we can identify and clear these weights that can manifest as heavy emotions, physical ailments, unwanted behaviour patterns, any trauma, and so on. By clearing we raise our energetic vibration to experience peace and joy, and we expand our consciousness, and begin to live with greater freedom, ease and creativity. 


About the Facilitator:

Jaclyn Bain

Jaclyn has always felt spiritually inclined, and experienced her first spiritual healing as a child. She was introduced to emotional clearing in 2006, and has since trained in Hatha Yoga, Family Constellation, Transformational Coaching, Usui Reiki and Serenity Vibration Healing, Meditation and other healing approaches. Her sessions are an intuitive blend of these key modalities, along with empathically tapping into and clearing emotional, mental and spiritual blocks to allow for greater joy, ease, peace and conscious manifestation.  She is clairempathic and works directly with divine or higher self to raise the collective vibration one session at a time. She has lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. She is also a maker, occasionally indulging in artistic creative outlets such as painting and decorating.


Private Session (90 min): RM250 

Group Session/Workshop: RM250 each (5-8 seats only)


Advance booking is essential.

Contact A New Earth - 0197779042 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bookings.