Colombian Healing Lights

Posted in Healing with Sheli.

The Columbian Healing Lights are a set of five very special, mystical, and magical lights that have been passed down from the Shamanic traditions of Colombia.  Each Light has a specific purpose and works with your energy in a particular way using chi, plasmic and ectoplasmic flows, and electromagnetic thought forms. 

The energies of these Lights are able to transform and transmute various health challenges e.g. severe migraines, poor immune system, physical pain, frozen shoulder, skin disorders, lung infections, digestive issues thus bringing the body back to its original blueprint of perfect health. These Lights also have the power to transform limiting beliefs from past lives or other dimensions and are continually sabotaging us in the present at the unconscious level.

Changing energies changes results, re-orders your feelings, and re-defines your thinking.  You’ll have more light and energy than you ever thought possible!


Energy Exchange RM280 for 45 mins