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8.00 pm – 10.30 pm

The Inner Dance is an experiential process into oneself as energy and vibratory states where judgment and attachment states descend as intuition and trust arises, facilitating a trance-like journey into the chakra systems. Here in heightened awareness, healing takes place.

Inner Dance is a space for dropping into self and healing aspects of self through your own journey to Authentic Self. It is a space of awareness through TRUST and SURRENDER within the states of ALLOWING.


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Nili Fisch

Nili is a nurse and a midwife, working in IVF in Switzerland. In the last 12 years, she has qualified in many alternative methods of healing including Reiki, Reflexology, Sound and Voice Healing, and graduated at the School of Cosmic Light and Bodywork in Switzerland.

On the 21st of December 2012 Dr. Todd was successful in bringing the Lemurain Choir together again, for the first time in 26,000 years. About 900 people from all over the world, responded his call and came to the Island of Maui in Hawaii, joining together in a great singing event, sending a quantum message to the whole universe. It was one of the most powerful experiences of Nili’s life!

Ever since, Nili has been giving workshops teaching people to discover the power of their voice by using the Lemurian Tones. From her own experience she finds that every time she sings the Tones, more and more doors are opened into other states of consciousness, into a better understanding of life, and she feels more empowered.

Once a midwife - always a midwife ...

Today we are all in the birth canal, on the way to break into a new life, into a new awareness.

So she continues to this day helping people be reborn into a greater awareness. She accompanies and guides them into a deeper understanding of how they create their own reality. She guides them on how to achieve spiritual learning in everyday life, how to connect heaven and earth.