Monthly Group Sessions  
8.00 pm – 10.30 pm

The Inner Dance is an experiential process into oneself as energy and vibratory states where judgment and attachment states descend as intuition and trust arises, facilitating a trance-like journey into the chakra systems. Here in heightened awareness, healing takes place.

Inner Dance is a space for dropping into self and healing aspects of self through your own journey to Authentic Self. It is a space of awareness through TRUST and SURRENDER within the states of ALLOWING.


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Ky’lama Telos

Ky’lama delivers his work through a quantum field of light that supports transmissions of encoded light. The light rays interact with the higher intelligence fields of your consciousness to create shifts in your life. These energies assist with the integration and evolution of your soul to align to your highest potential. Ky’lama works with your consciousness and vision to create new paradigms that support your potential to be all that you can be. His work helps you to overcome obstacles in your life and align with a path that supports your soul and well-being. Ky’lama has 15 years experience with healing. He has studied a number of healing systems including Chiron Healing, Pleiadian Lightwork and has undertaken two, one-year training schools overlighted by the Ascended Masters. He brings a dedication to the path of healing and evolution of consciousness and supports you in your endeavours.

The Universe envelops us in the light of knowledge, connection, truth and love. It brings us home to our Hearts in deeper understanding of who we truly are... unencumbered by anything but the freedom of our soul to soar in its liberation and inspiration and the infinite creation that we are.

Blessed Heart, the doorways of potentiality are opening at this time as never before on the earth plane as we step forth as a collective to embrace the mantle that as a soul, we hold.

We are held in LoveLight as we transform and transfigure our consciousness through the Light of Presence that is descending on the Earth at this time.

The Heart of Oneness opens deeply within and we embrace all that we are.

Blessings beautiful hearts, my name is Ky'lama, which means "of the light rays".

We honour you, we bless you, we love you. Ky'lama