Amara Tia Ann and ACAST 

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Amara Tia (Ann’s spiritual name) experienced a powerful spiritual awakening during the Venus Transit in June 2004, after which she began serving as a professional energy healer and channel. Her healing
modalities evolved quickly over the years as she learned from numerous Masters and enlightened beings from the spirit world, including Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings, Elohim and Galactic Council of Light. Amara Tia’s work is supported and recommended by world renowned spiritual teacher Judy Satori (, look under Recommended People).

In 2012, Amara Tia was asked by Spirit to expand her teaching role and support Light Workers on their path towards Soul Mastery as they lead the people of Earth to a new era of Unity Consciousness. Heeding this call from Spirit, she and her partner, Andy, then set up the Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) in Singapore to reflect their new teaching and leadership role. Read more at

Amara Tia maintains a journal of channeled messages, insights and Light Language energy activations gifted by various Masters and Councils of Light. The topics taught to her by the higher beings are insightful, well diversified and highly transformational. To access this free resource, visit: 


White Star

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White Star has studied the following spiritual practices extensively: Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Sufism, Native American Shamanism, Zen and Bhakti Yoga.

She has also studied with these great teachers: Osho, H.W. L Poonja, Ramesh Balsekar, Giridarji, Hanuman, Gangaji, Wayne Liquorman, Sazaki Roshi, Sakya Rinpoche and Jallaludin.

White Star was voted one of the top 20 psychics in America, is in who's who, has a documentary on PBS made about her and has been on many tv shows. She was apprenticed to some of the most profound Native American healers in America, and has been both ordained a Minister and conferred Medicine Woman status.

White Star has also extensively studied and practiced Eastern Wisdom teachings and mysticism and shamananism from other cultures, including Native American, Tibetan Bon, Mongolian and Siberian Shamanism.

White Star has travelled widely and feels the island of Bali is a spiritual meeting point and global energy vortex for these critical times.

White Star is Clairvoyant; she sees visions, and is an authentic medical intuitive who can see inside the body and accurately diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions. White Star has had these gifts as a child and has been practicing as her sole profession as a psychic, healer and teacher for 30 years.White Star is a registered Cherokee tribe member.

For more on White Star and her complete spiritual biography visit

Judy Satori

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Judy Satori is a catalyst, activator and way shower. She is an energy conduit for Spirit, a step down transformer between Heaven and Earth, Source and Soul and works internationally. Her mission is to activate human potential in a way that has previously been impossible.

Streams of light, energy and most importantly sound flow through Judy that generate peace and love in those exposed to her work. These transmissions also activate specific changes to the humane genome- the DNA instructions for human life creation, activate previously dormant souls and human mind power potential and creation ability and enhance physical vitality and energy. Judy transmits through her voice, hands and eyes energy words of new creation in the form of very rapid languages from multi-dimensional sources. These languages are from God and are of love. They are designed to re-code the DNA.

"My purpose is to re-activate the forgotten power and knowledge within you, and to prepare you for life in a physical body of greater light on a fifth dimensional Earth. My purpose is to help you remember." - Judy Satori

When I work I transmit very fast sequences of sound and light as 'Light Language' directly into the DNA template and cells of the body. My body is used by Spirit as a vehicle, and I am used as a catalyst to switch people on to their inherent spiritual gifts and abilities as well as to reconfigure the body’s energy anatomy and recode the DNA.


Visit and find her book, "Sunshine Before the Dawn". This is the story of the genesis of the human race.


Victoria Webby

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Victoria has been intuiting, transmitting, speaking, singing, writing and drawing the Language of Light for over eight years. She is an intuitive energy and sound facilitator both in group meditations, workshops, retreats and personal sessions. Victoria is also a teacher of the ancient Rites of the Incas – the “Munay-Ki 9 Rites of the Shaman” (see link below).

Victoria is a spiritual artist, painting channeled multi-dimensional energy frequencies, Star Gates and Earth Realms and is a Blueprint Originator and Deliverer – one that consciously works, carries and delivers the Cosmic Blueprint for Mother Earth and her Soul Beings (human and all realms). She has created many channeled ‘Blueprint Accelerators or templates’ and has created a deck of “CosmicSoul Cards” – 33 channeled blueprints from many dimensional vibrations (see link below). She has commenced on a new card deck and a book of her channelling.

Pi Villaraza

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In 2003, Pi Villaraza left a corporate career in Marketing Communications in his childhood Manila to embark on a sanyassin's journey into the unknown depths of mind, body and spirit. Walking across the South Philippines for one year without contacts or money, Pi eventually lived as a hermit in a deserted beach in Palawan province for two years where he experienced a profound awakening while living mostly on a live foods mono-diet diet of coconuts.

In his solitary innerwork, Pi entered into deep trance states where energy flowed through his body, sweeping his physical controls into spontaneous energy systems that took many more years later to integrate into a fascinating global movement that has officially been reported in many books, documentaries, articles and studies for how expanded states of consciousness takes place. The energy that Pi discovered has led to radical healing methods that are still being studied now for its efficacy in helping people's minds and bodies to self-regenerate. Pi's life and the inner dance has been documented in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and books around the world for its capacity to heal and transform. Pi has facilitated over fifteen thousand people in the last eight years, and has conducted numerous teacher trainings around the world.

Now called the innerdance process, the energy has found numerous applications in Medicine (, the Asian Ecovillage Movement (, Education, Psychology, Neurology, Deep Ecology which brings into collaboration educators, doctors, psychologists, cognitive linguists, nutritionists, community organizers from many parts of the world interested in the meeting points between the direct experiential transformation with our current science-oriented approaches to understanding the neurological, linguistic maps and cognitive pathways of change. Pi has authored two books, Conscious Trance (The Journey To The Dancer Within) and Transformation Medicine.